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Micronation-State - A function micronation with real people, quasi-government, territory,  (virtual, physical, or other medium of territory) - Full Membership Status

Quasi-State Entity - An entity on the process of having the quality and character of a “Micronation-State.” On the process of Full Membership  - Observation Status

The Montosh Empire (2011)          New Kingdom of Burn (2011)          The Kingdom Of Spireland (2011)      

Other Entities - An entity on the process of having the quality and character of a Quasi-State Entity. The fundamental element of the state is not quantifiable - Observation Status

Kingdom of Xefonara (2011)         The Unified Republic (2011)         Federal Republic of Grunkia (2011)

Principality of Savante (2012)          Kingdom of Alteria (2012)          

The United Micronations was an intermicronational organization that appeared on the Internet probably in early1999. It's web-page was on-line till October 2000 (via, which gave it the status of exctinct.
  • The Principality of Zugesbucht - Chair
  • The United Zoe Katholike Patriarchate of Somtowia-St.Papinian
  • The Sovereign Order of Vanesia
  • The Most Serene And Excellent Kingdom Of Nikhedonia
  • The Kingdom of Landreth
  • The Dominion of Ottawak
  • United Provinces of Utopia
  • The Imperial Republic of the Mowameddo Regime
  • Ark Maramia
  • Republic of Baja Arizona
  • Kingdom of Lectoria
  • Empire of O Pais
  • The Holy Empire of Reunion
  • The Republic of Freedonia
  • The Kingdom of Zaire
  • Inner Realm of Patria
  • The Principality of Valgraphenstein
  • Zatire
  • The Aerican Empire
  • The New Worcester Kingdom
  • The Republic of Eslo
  • The Empire of Hesperia

The United Micronations also known with the abbreviation of UM was an intermicronational organisation, which apparently has been founded in 2004 and according to its web-page was closed on October 23, 2008. 
  • Acadame North
  • Cyrenia and Eastarctica, Grand Czardom of
  • Gemnoviag, Republic of
  • Gosling, Kingdom of
  • Holcetaea, Empire of
  • Kemetia, Sovereign Kingdom of
  • Lucivania
  • New Pacific, Principality of
  • Revived Roman Empire, The (New Rome)
  • Riboalte, Kingdom of
  • Thera, Principality of (Principado de Thera)
  • Timeria, Republic of (República de Timeria)
  • Tolemac, Federated Kingdom of
  • United Universal Union

The United Micronations often referred to just with the abbreviation UNMCN was an intermicronational organization founded in 2008. Its forum and website were removed in September, and the organization was definitely dismantled. Inactive since August 2009.
  • Catholic Principality of New Texas
  • The Republic of the Mirage Islands
  • Grand Duchy of Fulton and Dell
  • Republic of Rhodesia "Government-in-Exile"

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